The bands and their songs


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Takara Araki

Takara is a collector of toys with a huge collection and a fantastic musician . She creates and plays everything by herself


Grizzly on the planet is a 2-piece pop band.

Michel is a huge Radiohead fan, that´s why he chose the pseudonym "Greenwood".

Also plays with MARKHØR and A santa with NASA.

On the drums and also vocal is  Monshimo


The 3-piece japanese grunge band Formed in 2006 and are well known for their explosive live sound!

 They already played gigs in the United States, South Korea, Taiwan, and of course japan and are the living proof that Japanese grunge is not dead. hideyuki shimizu

ba. hiroshi maeda

dr.hideki tosha



Nuit was founded by  Yasuyuki Ota (Vo, Gt), Mizusaki Ryo (Gt), Yusuke Mizumura (Ba) and Riro (Dr)
and features Japanese lyrics with noisy roar.

With shoegazer and grunge influenced guitars and melodies that include also pop context.

To experience the full pleasures of the music from NOIR they recommend headphones


"Tellurs" is a 2-piece rock band from Osaka.

Unfortunately their third man has left the band, so they´re doing their very best continuing as a duo.



DoReMi is a Japanese band formed in Kyoto in 2018. DoReMi mainly play Psychedelic Rock


Shoegazer band from Fujioka city


Es wird gefuhrt

Little is known about them.

They mix Electronica / Grunge / Rock in a very appealing way.

Shouting Chickens

Shouting Chickens is a 3 piece indie rock band formed in Mishima City, Shizuoka Prefecture in 2018.

Mixing sounds influenced by overseas indie rock such as UK and US, and grooves influenced by black music such as hip hop and neo soul, they are active in musicality that put them into city pop.



Formed in 2009

Formed in 2002

A laughing three-piece band that loves fun and always plays with sound. Now I don't care about the genre to play the music I want to do