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House of tapes

“House Of Tapes” is Yuuya Kuno's electronic music project. He manipulates electronic sounds from lyrical electronica to thrilling beat music. His two CD albums are on sale on Amazon etc. He has also released works from British and German music labels. His music is his best form of love.




Who is Emon-Madara?



A 3-piece rock band that is mainly active in Osaka, Japan, playing songs that will give you the impression of US rock with japanese-styled melodies, combined with great lyrics.




篠田 美月

篠田 美月 is a Tokyo based singer-songwriter, started her activities in 2016 in the Shimokitazawa, Shibuya and Shinjuku undergorund scene. In 2017 her co-written song won the Grand Prix in Tower Records distribution program.

Her music varies from Rock to Electro and even jazz!

We are the JAPAN

New Crime Soundwave !

Twin Vocal RockBand

The Lalabies

TOWER DOORS/Curators Comment] A dazzling song that mixes the faint scent of US indie, which reminds us of the magnificent and vast land, and the gentleness and warmth, and the synth sound like a starry sky that glitters at night. The overlap of pastoral singing voice and whisper voice makes this song more attractive. 壮大で広大な大地を想起させ、優しさと温もりを感じさせるUSインディーの仄かな香りと、夜煌めく星空のようなシンセサウンドが混ざり合った眩惑的なソング。牧歌的な歌声とウィスパーヴォイスの重なり合いがよりこの曲を魅力的に仕上げています。

The Lalabies are :

Jumpei (Fluffytails JP)

Greg (Umbrage US)

mayumi(GrayNightly JP)


far. formed in 2018 and is a

4-piece rock band that mixes impulsive roaring sounds and effective guitars in songs with a simple construction.

Highly addictive!


"The Return of Japan ROCK" ! At least


 has already been descibed like this.

It´s a 3-piece band from Osaka and they started making music in school in 2016.


They manage to transport the japanese rock from the 2000s into today with a very engaged, sound and effort the differs a lot  from the typical Aahs and Oohs.