Super Skeletons

Super Skeletons is Ayako Inokuchi's solo project.Ayako is a bass player and vocalist from Japanese shy punk band called N-16. All instruments (guitar,bass,tambourine,keyboard,vocal and chorus),arrangement by Ayako Inokuchi.

I had never watched this old Japanese horror movie "House".


For some reason, in 2021, I heard from Christian, who runs an independent label in Germany, and designer Ash, that they had an idea to make a compilation album that was inspired by watching this movie. I felt the excitement that transcended national borders and space-time.


Then I searched for and listened to the house soundtrack on the internet and watched the movie "House".


Surprisingly, the movie released in 1977 has many actors who are now called top stars in Japan.And directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi!


The young and curious girls. It's supposed to be a graceful and fun summer vacation ... Scary things happened in a row, and I was surprised at the crazy gimmicks and productions, and it made me feel very strange. And the thrilling and pop songs by Asei Kobayashi and Godiego further enlivened the coexistence of movie pop and fear.


Above all, I really liked the catchy song "Cherries were made for eating" and wanted to play this song. And it was recorded with different titles in various arrangements in the sound track, and mashed up with the "(House)Main Theme" that was played many times in the movie, creating a pop, a little scary and strange homage arrangement.


Watching the movie "House" with my kids and playing some instruments and recording in the bedroom was a very strange and enjoyable experience in the summer of 2021.















dutch money (s)

A music group consisting of "Shirojishi" living in a small remote island in Japan.


Tosa dog lived in the metropolitan Tokyo, and "Usagi" lived in the  Musashino Forest ♪ We like old tape recorders and crazy musical instruments.








hajimepop is a Tokyo-based Singer / Songwriter who makes colourful pop music. He is greatly influenced by Paul McCarntey , Brian Wilson , Stevie Wonder , Prince, Jellyfish , The Sonic Executive Sessions and many many more.

His latest Album " Good melody Records" was released in May 2018

Masahiro NARITA

Masahiro NARITA is an underground and avantgarde arrangeur from Japan. His main theme is " Oriental Retrospective Techno".


His debut album with the title "49 ",has been released in 2018 on the "LOVE Independent" label and ranked position 59 in the Amazon Techno-Charts.

His albums "50" , "EERIE" "ambidextrous"and "Last Dance" have been release on labels from America, Russia, Germany and Japan.


Some digital only music has been released from a portuguese & Brazil label.

On Apple Music's techno song top chart Ranked 4th (Republic of Ghana, 2021 "Deathtrap Zone").


He isn´t only a talanted musician, but also plays bass and is a professional photographer,

shiro jishi

Leader of dutch money(s), a Japanese art collective. When I was a student, I had an opportunity to sing a song of my own composition at NHK Hall in Shibuya. At a party afterwards, I met Mr. Obayashi, the house film director. He told me, "It was an interesting song," and that I should "cherish its individuality. I wonder how much time has passed since then? He is no longer in this world, but he lives on in mine. I don't think it's a coincidence that I was able to participate in this wonderful project.

yeemeen nosa

Experimental musician/folksinger/poet living on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean. He makes field recordings of various sounds generated by the nature of the islands and sublimates them into his works, which have been released on labels in Japan and abroad. His favorite genres of music are Experimental music / drone folk / harsh noise / indigenous folk songs.


Laugh now-

cry later!


The "Minister" plays in several bands:


Unko9393 ,

トゥーマッチトーキョーズ ( Too much Tokyos) and mybe many more :-)

His musical motto is:

 "do not pursue, do not pretend, do not push yourself"

"R & B" is translated as "romance and blues."

Lover of hats



日々の日常を日記を書くが如く曲にしています。 bass/beatmake/rap


I make songs about my daily life as if I were writing a diary.

bass / beatmake / rap

Harbor Clvb

東京で結成した音楽ユニットHarbor Clvb(ハーバークラブ)。エレクトロニカ、R&B、Soul、AOR、また80-90sの楽曲を軸に、新しいサウンドを展開中。

Harbor Clvb, a music unit formed in Tokyo.

We are developing new sounds centered on electronica, R & B, Soul, AOR, and 80-90s songs.


3-piece folk/psych band.

"Thou shalt remember Buddha and Amida Buddha here .Like Japanese music, costumes, movies and Japanese cats."

Vo. Michiru , Gt. Akihito


 淡く透明感を感じる声と音。 絵画展のBGM、架空の映画のサウンドトラック風の音楽も制作する。 ギターとおもちゃのピアノ、ミニシンセを弾いて、歌詞と音楽を作る。 パステルカラーの淡い声とサウンドは 灰色の暗い夜の空と夏の雨の中、すべての音がキラキラと響いて。

『GrayNightly 』is also known as『ChelseaTerrace』
mayumi's electric solo project
  Voice and sound that feels pale and transparent. She also produces background music for painting exhibitions and soundtrack-style music for fictional films. She plays guitar, toy piano and mini synths to make lyrics and music. The pale voices and sounds of pastel colors sparkle in the dark gray night sky and summer rain.