BLACK CREEK DRIVE is a japanese heavy Rock / Doom / Stoner / sludge core / alternative band


Fakelotus is influenced by Showgaze, Dream Pop, New wave, Grunge, Yoko Ogawa and Yukio Mishima.


They mainly sing about " social distancing", " mental images of underwater" and " awful sadness when you are woken up from a pleasent dream".


" Forehead of a Rose" is about a creature called " Flowerhead", who has troubles about its existence.






Born in Hyogo Prefecture, he is a rapper and track maker living in Tokyo.
He started rapping in high school under the influence of KREVA. When he was in college, he spent his part-time job money to buy a MPD and started making beats.
In 2021, he released his first album "Plorogue".
From his hometown Nishinomiya in Hyogo Prefecture, Hamada in Shimane Prefecture where he spent his college years, and Tokyo, he is sending out music that makes you feel nostalgic!


𝐋𝐨𝐭𝐭𝐚 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞 ღ

2017年、サロンモデルの鵜沼麻衣子"Maiko Unuma"(Vocal)とVJ/映像作家でスペインクォーターの小久保ヒロキ"Hiroki Kokubo"(Guitar)(ex-Vj Visual On Asteroid)がEDM, New Waveをベースにエレクトロポップデュオを結成。




Lotta LoveとはAlternative Pop, Post Rock, Dance Pop, R&Bをベースに”新しくてノスタルジック、アーバンな洋楽と邦楽のエッセンスを加え、色彩ある声質の女性バイリンガルボーカルを融合させたグループ。そして、ロッタ·ラブとは”甘いアイロニーと錆びない情熱の物語”。


In 2017, Salon model Maiko Unuma (Vocal) and Spanish quarter VJ/video artist Hiroki Kokubo (Guitar,Vj) formed an Electro-pop duo based on EDM, New Wave.Starting in the summer of 2019, the band will be auditioning more than 200 times to expand their musical expressions. Ryosuke"V"Ogasawara (Bass), a said jazz bassist who graduated from the Graduate School of Science and Engineering at Aoyama University, joined the program in autumn 2019.I will continue to compose music during the audition period and release three singles in 2020.will participate. Lotta Love is "a story of sweet ironies and unadorned passion."


Based on Alternative pop, Post-rock, Dance pop, and R&B, it creates a story of sweet irony and unadorned passion that incorporates a new style of nostalgic but cool Western music.It is a band that combines the essence of Japanese music, the sound of Western music, and female bilingual vocals with colorful voice quality.


Lotta Love are…

鵜沼麻衣子 Maiko Unuma ( Vocal )

小笠原 V 良助  Ryousuke V Ogasawara ( Bass  )

小久保宏樹 Hiroki Kokubo ( Guitar , Vj, Beat Maker )

The Keeley


vocal,guitar 柴田康平
guitar 藤野幸彦
bass,chorus 木下晃
support drum ペンタ

A four-piece rock band active mainly in Tokyo.

vocal,guitar Kohei Shibata
guitar Yukihiko Fujino
bass,chorus Akira Kinoshita
support drum Penta





はたまたセンチメンタル過剰な妄想か、 唐突過ぎるほどにPOPなサウンドに乗った、 三回転半くらいに、ねじれた歌詞世界は、どストライクに響く。







Dub pop band from Tokyo.
Excessive drinking or
or an overly sentimental obsession?
The lyrics are twisted around three and a half revolutions, riding on the too sudden POP sound.
The twisted lyrical world of the three and a half turns strikes a chord.
While swallowing all the elements of dub and noise
While swallowing elements of dub and noise, the melody with a hook is the mainstay.
While swallowing all the elements of dub and noise, with the main focus on the melody with a hook, they spit it out and make it sound like Tokyo Pop.

This time, he collaborated with rapper hechimodisco for the song "Rapappa" from his 2nd album "AuroraDiurna".


カルト3 is a Japanese Rock band formed in Tokyo. 【Alternative-Rock/Indie-rock/Shoegaze/Guitar-Pop/Noise/Hardcore/Grunge









GEERA was formed in Tokyo in August 2012.


Three piece band consisting of Gt.Vo Tono (1000000 $ boyz, BYEBYENEWYORK, exBAALBECK), Ba.Cho Takeshi (Gringo, Shimizuno) and Drs.Cho Makiko.

Pop but intense, happy but crying, and nostalgic. A voice with endless transparency and power, a song of passion that excites the soul.

A lock that delivers the power to live tomorrow.


In October 2015, released a split album "SOUL, NIGHT, LOVE, WAR" with Calendar Boy, and in October 2019, released the EP "Hatsukoi"


The Rock and Roll Band from east Tokyo Japan since 2009.




CC81(シーシーエイティワン)は、横浜・都内を中心に活動しており、Vo.平出けんすけ Gt.青木奎太 Dr.三浦あゆみ Ba.奥村アキラからなるバンド。


CC(Controlld Commodity)には、''統制された商品''の意味があり、81は2018年に結成したのと語呂がいいという理由で付けました。


2020 年 2 月 28 日 各配信サービスにて 1st アルバム「Flash&Crush」をリリース 2020 年 10 月 7 日 各配信サービスにて 3st シングル「ファインな気分」をリリース

CC81 (CC81) is a band active mainly in Yokohama and Tokyo, consisting of Kensuke Hiraide (Vo), Keita Aoki (Gt), Ayumi Miura (Dr), and Akira Okumura (Ba).


CC (Controlled Commodity) has the meaning of ''controlled commodity'', and 81 was added because it was formed in 2018 and the word is good.


February 28, 2020 Release of 1st album "Flash & Crush" on various distribution services October 7, 2020 Release of 3rd single "Fine Mood" on various distribution services