大阪 オリジナルバンドのPERRIERTO(ペリエト)です。 「お酒に合う曲」をコンセプトに活動しています。

Osaka We are PERRIERTO, an original band. Our concept is "songs that go well with alcohol".


All bands loved by God of rock.

Verbal ironic Psychopath.


COMPUTERKIDS is a group of Japanese musicians. We are not sure of the significance of our existence. However, we are trying to deliver what we have created to someone else. It’s not just for ourselves, and it’s not just to comfort or encourage someone else.

If this intense newness and nostalgia can evoke something “interesting” in the listener, that is definitely our reason for being. We have always questioned the nature of music as mere “fashion” or “consumption. That’s why we love music, but look for reasons to be on the side of the performers. To be a musician is to face oneself. We can’t be anything, so we want to be something. And the irony is, what if we are the ones being “consumed”?

Maybe that is one of the reasons for our existence.




"When one world ends, we must carry on to create anew. Drawing inspiration from both the alternative music and idol scenes in Japan, Melancholiaah is an original alternative rock idol who turns their true emotions, fears, and thoughts into music in hopes to discover how the world can still be beautiful in the state we are in. His goal is to create a feeling of love and acceptance with each other, and most of all, oneself with his performances. Crying out into the new world, he hopes to connect with everyone through voice.

一つの世界が終わるとき、私たちは新しい世界を作るために続けなければなりません。 Melancholiaahは、日本のオルタナティブ・ミュージックとアイドル・シーンの両方からインスピレーションを得た、オリジナルのオルタナティブ・ロック・アイドルです。彼らは、自分の本当の感情、恐れ、考えを音楽に変え、私たちが置かれている状態でも美しい世界が存在することを発見することを望んでいます。彼の目標は、彼のパフォーマンスによって、お互いに、そして何よりも自分自身に、愛と受容の気持ちを生み出すことです。新しい世界に向かって叫びながら、声でみんなとつながっていきたい。








彼が心の奥底から紡ぎ出し、楽曲ごとに変化する情景を彷彿とさせるビートや  叙情的なリリックが織りなす世界観に没入するリスナーが急増中。

Alternative hip hop artist born in 2000 and based in Osaka.

Changed his name from 'Yatsume' to 'Goodbye GOODVIBRATION' in December 2021.

He is a multi-talented artist, from creative direction to the production of songs and music videos.

A rapidly growing number of listeners are immersed in his worldview of beats and lyrical lyrics that weave from the depths of his heart and are reminiscent of scenes that change with each song.




2010年代のメタルコア、メロディックハードコアサウンドをベースに、時折見せる叙情的なギターメロディと日本語詞を交えながら重厚感のある音楽性が特徴。 何度かのメンバーチェンジを経て現在の体制で活動中。

2021年9月に自主企画にて、1st EP"DAWN"をリリース。

UNWAVERING Metalcore/melodic hardcore band formed in Nagoya in 2018.

Based on the metalcore and melodic hardcore sound of the 2010s, the band is characterised by a profound musicality with occasional lyrical guitar melodies and Japanese lyrics. After several member changes, the current line-up is active.

Released their first EP "DAWN" in September 2021 as a self-organised project.



「宵待yoimachi 」

from 神戸underground


Gt.タンタン Ba.マンジロウ Key.徹くん MC.プッシュ


ホームイベントBefore Sunriseは神戸三ノ宮元町にて不定期開催中


Urban black music




from Kobe underground


Art left after the sun sets over the city between the sea and the mountains.


Gt.Tintin Ba.Manjiro Key.Toru-kun MC.Push


Individual participation in different bands, solo live performances, DJ, track making, etc.


Home event Before Sunrise is held irregularly in Motomachi, Sannomiya, Kobe.


As usual, they play, dance and drink in Kobe on weekend nights as usual, moving back and forth between life-size reality and cynical romance.


"Creamcan." is the alternative rock duo born in a rural city Wakayama, Japan.  The duo consists of guitarist Tomochi Takenaka and drummer Chiaki Iizuka. “Creamcan.” released three albums, and several mini albums and singles.  

The band makes noises influenced by urge of 90's alternative rock, which well mixed with punk, blues, hip hop, acid folk, very junk music charged with tensions.


Creamcan.は竹中寛知(Guitar, Vocal)と飯塚千明(Drums, Vocal)による和歌山のオルタナティヴ・ロックデュオ。


2015年結成。 通算、3枚のフルアルバム、6枚のミニアルバム、1枚のシングルをリリース。

2019年、Uz Jsme Doma来日公演のオープニングアクトとして参加。 直近では2020年、流通版3rdフルアルバム『Mountainy』(TESTCARD RECORDS)リリース。

2021年、5thミニアルバム『Obscure But Loud, I’m Beyond Description』(Sharing From The Basements)、DRAW INTO DISORDERとのスプリットアルバム『Gloomy Creamy』(Sharing From The Basements)リリース。






My name is 'ZUGA' and I write songs in a Japanese-style recording room full of old equipment