The bands and their songs

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HELLO People!!

Piano Rock BAND 【HELLO People !!】
In 2015, three people who had been active in different bands formed  a band in Osaka in search of "the best POP" music.
In 2017 they released their first CD.
In 2018 they had their first concert in Tokyo and played at the finals of the Emergenza Japan Osaka .
They deliver happy and poppy music to you.


"Romancing hard core.
Tough rhythm, melodic guitar, vocals that transcends the scale.
From Tokyo"



A 2-piece  band from Saitama creating a mixture of grunge, rock, punk mixed with some electronica



JUNIOR : Vocal

OSSY : Vocal

TAKERO : Guitar



Formed 1996 in Kyoto, quit in 2000

my bird warms a blanket for Colette

This band  is from Sapporo  and makes some awesome alternative/ Grunge / Shoegazer music


宇宙一可愛い私 な奴ら

Another band I know for a long time and I am very happy to have them on this compilation. 

Unfortunately they seem to withdraw themselves from the internet though they´re still active .The homepge is closed and many videos were deleated

KOJI The Planet Stoned Plus

Rock´n´Roll band are dying in Tokyo, or should I say in Japan.

We all are dying species.

God bless.

KOJI The Planet Stoned Plus

KOJI : Vo. , Gt. , Composer


Bring MUSTANG to the hell then ring that to the heaven !





タリホーズ (Tallyhose) are  Jealous Guy (Ba. & Vo.)  Talijo Halki (Gt.&Vo.)  and  Meg (Dr.&Cho.)


The exhilarating sound that breaks through the pop and rock-and-roll boundaries and the catchy melodies  are the strength of the band.



Lizards get tails

3 piece rock band from Tokyo



Formed at Kyoto Seika University in November 2015.
Three rock and roll loving girls that love traveling and making music with some very cathcy refrains!



Never heard of them an didn´t even find a picture:-(



Formed in Tokyo on September 1, 2017.


"Because we've been surrounded by wonderful music, it's  only pop we can do. Respect the roots and pursue the Japanese sound "


They are influenced by so many music genres and bands that we will just name a few here. Somehoe they manage it to get these styles together , press them into a "pop form"  and create something very Computerkids-like. 


Marlena Shaw, Radiohead ,佐藤博,  Pink Floyd, Neil Young, 、田島貴男、伊藤いづも, 御形屋はるか



A glam rock band with all its belongings. Strange lyrics, great guitars, stylish clothes and the sound of the late 60s/70s.

Last to think

LAST TO THINK are from Sapporo and they´re making some great Rock music with outstanding singing!



Melodic Hardcore from Osaka with strong female voices


 Strip4 is a rock band centered on Punk Rock formed in Chiba

Kill The Gossip

Japanese alternative rock band.


Little is known about this 2-piece band . I think the music and the videos stand for themselves


"Re:ric" is a post-rock band made in Sapporo, Hokkaido in 2016 by Takuya Suto (Gu.), Seiji Takamaru  (Ba. & Vo.), And Shota Kubota  (Dr.).

It is instrumental-based, and features musical pieces and folk music.

The atmosphere created by the songs is somewhat exotic and envelops the space with a unique view of the world.

Released 1st EP "nostalgia" from Tokyo label "Cat & Bonito" on 22nd December 2018.





Illustrations by Ash Loydon