A three-piece band formed in 2021.

The unique and pop music that mixes the individuality of classical, noise, and electronic music is attractive.

Vo. Haruka

Gt. Shun Tanabe

Other. Ryo Hinoue

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Electronic and Heavy Music


Rockband formed in Kanagawa Japan in 2022.
Heavy and trancy sounds based on #alternativerock #postrock #shoegaze #heavyrock #japaneserock

oriental goth

oriental goth feat. dramaqueen


Japanese post-punk band。


vo,beat,synth,mix by dramaqueen

gt,ba by oriental goth



miho & the overalls


ジャンル:ROCK FUNK PUNK other much great music


Vocal, Piano, Drum, Guitar, Bass #Producer "Sunbeams" #PROJECTMAYHAM #Rock #HipHop #Electronic 




Postrock Mathrock band from Japan

Buzz Winks


2013年8月7日、キュウソネコカミがインディーズ時代に所属していたEXXENTRIC RECORDSより 1st mini album「マーブル」を発売し、東名阪ツアーを行い、ツアーファイナルでは夜の本気ダンスと共演する。しばらくしてマーブルの収録曲である京都の悪口を詰め込んだ「都革命」のMVを公開する。
2014年 12月24日、2nd mini album「いきたくない」を発売し、これまた東名阪と更には福岡でライブをする。
2019年2月14日木曜日、1st full album「僕は神」をリリースする。


They became active in earnest in the summer of 2011.
On 7 August 2013, Kyusoneko-Kami release their 1st mini album 'Marble' from EXXENTRIC RECORDS, to which they belonged when they were indies, and go on a tour of Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, performing with Yoru no Honki Dance at the tour finale. A short time later, they release a music video for 'Metropolitan Revolution', a song from Marble, filled with bad words about Kyoto.
In April 2014, the keyboardist and bassist leave the band, but Ayaka Nishimura, current keyboardist, and Kimio Ueno, current bassist, join afterwards. In the winter of the same year, they win a prize at RO69jack.
2014 On 24 December, the band released their second mini-album 'I don't want to go' and performed live again in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and even Fukuoka.
In May 2015, guitarist Kohei Tamaoka became a doctor and became very busy, leading to a pause in the band's activities.
In April 2017, the band decided to perform live without Tamaoka using synchronised sound sources and resumed their activities in May of the same year.
On Thursday 14 February 2019, they will release their first full album 'I am God'.
Then, from around the summer of 2019, he pursues the music he really wants to play, changing his musical style drastically and leaning more towards electro and alternative rock.
Currently still seeking and working on his ideal music.

"Hi, we are QLIP, a forward-looking and backward-looking band."


A rock band from Tokyo formed in 2022.

We have songs that fuse the melodies of Japanese pop music and the rhythms of various music.

Delivering lyrics that stimulate anxiety, doubts, and cravings in people's hearts.