The Project

I started this project in October 2018 .

Originally I wanted to start it about 10 years earlier but somehow the idea got lost during the years.

I was always interested in music from Japan in all its varieties, Pop, Rock, Funk, Punk, Psych, Folk...whatever. Mostly some not so well known bands, more or less independent ones.

Somehow the music was always a bit better, the band a bit more authentic, the love to what they´re doing a bit deeper.

So I bought even more music from Japan and I started to contact bands in order to find out how I could get hold of their music and I noticed soon enough that lots of bands made just one e.p. with 1-3 songs they sell after a concert and then you never hear them again.

Fortunately some bands sent me their songs and one day I was asking myself :

" Wouldn´t it be cool to have all these wonderful songs on one sampler? Most compilations from Japan are very expensive and full with idol bands. It would be awesome if someone would release a beautiful cassette with these songs....mmmmhhh, Maybe it´s me who should do this!?"

And that´s how GET YOUR GENKI was born.

Besides the help of all the bands that contributed with their awesome music I definitely need to thank some more people, without whom GYG would´t be alive and kicking:


@DRAW_WAKAYAMA - Translation

@DrdrKogure - Translation

@stmax_jp - Translation by Kenji