A loud rock band based in Nagoya, Japan.
The band's members assemble their sensibilities around heavy yet simple music to form their own unique worldview.
In 2020, they produced a music video, which is now being distributed worldwide via YouTube and Twitter!



Ellureはアンビエント・ミュージシャンSachi Kobayashiの別プロジェクトです。


2020年にSachi Kobayashi名義でアンビエントアルバム『Moon & Sea』をUKのSereinよりリリース。

その後アメリカのStereosceninc Recordsより『More Than Just A Dream』、日本のPurre Goohnより『Ephemeral Beauty』、さらにアメリカのHush Hush Recordsより『Air Dance』をリリースしている。


Ellure is another project of ambient musician Sachi Kobayashi.

In 2020, Sachi released the ambient album "Moon & Sea" on the UK label Serein.


Since then, she has released "More Than Just A Dream" from Stereoscenic Records in the US, "EphemeralBeauty" from Purre Goohn in Japan, and "Air Dance" from Hush Hush Records in the US.

The Dead Pan Speakers

The Dead Pan Speakers from Tokyo. ジャーマンニューウェーブにインスパイアされ、 ほどよくトランスなシンセを交えたポストロックを携えて東京は元よりオランダ、アジア、米国にも出没中。

飽くなき探究と反骨精神をダンスに変換し、ロック道を前のめりでドライブさせる3male + 1femaleの4人組。


The Dead Pan Speakers from Tokyo are not only inspired by German New Wave, but they also play  post rock with a moderately trance synth.

Not only active in  Tokyo but also in  the Netherlands, Asia and the United States. The members - 3male + 1 female  - persue an insatiable quest and  transform their rebellious spirit into dance and drive the rock road forward without looking back!


 淡く透明感を感じる声と音。 絵画展のBGM、架空の映画のサウンドトラック風の音楽も制作する。 ギターとおもちゃのピアノ、ミニシンセを弾いて、歌詞と音楽を作る。 パステルカラーの淡い声とサウンドは 灰色の暗い夜の空と夏の雨の中、すべての音がキラキラと響いて。

『GrayNightly 』is also known as『ChelseaTerrace』
mayumi's electric solo project
  Voice and sound that feels pale and transparent. She also produces background music for painting exhibitions and soundtrack-style music for fictional films. She plays guitar, toy piano and mini synths to make lyrics and music. The pale voices and sounds of pastel colors sparkle in the dark gray night sky and summer rain.


COMPUTERKIDS is a Japanese music group that pursues alternative music. Although based on rock music, they do not stick to any particular way of expression, but use everything they see to express themselves. If you're bored by Japanese music, or even your own country's music, don't worry, if you find something in COMPUTERKIDS, that's the happiness we want. But be careful, just because you listen to COMPUTERKIDS doesn't mean you will learn anything. I always think about this...we all want to be something, but we can't be anything.