I like to play Keyboard.

dutch money (s)

A music group consisting of "Shirojishi" living in a small remote island in Japan.


Tosa dog lived in the metropolitan Tokyo, and "Usagi" lived in the  Musashino Forest ♪ We like old tape recorders and crazy musical instruments.








Harbor Clvb

東京で結成した音楽ユニットHarbor Clvb(ハーバークラブ)。エレクトロニカ、R&B、Soul、AOR、また80-90sの楽曲を軸に、新しいサウンドを展開中。

Harbor Clvb, a music unit formed in Tokyo.

We are developing new sounds centered on electronica, R & B, Soul, AOR, and 80-90s songs.

喃語 nango


照井 茜(Bass)
岩崎 隆太郎(Drums)
武田 紀亮(Guitar / Poetry Reading)



2016年10月、下北沢SHELTERの25周年企画でのBiSHとの2マンライブのほか、左右、トリプルファイヤー、There There Theres、快速東京、Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her、otori、SuiseiNoboAzなどジャンルの壁を越えた様々なアーティストと対バン。


2017年4月28日、札幌SPIRITUAL LOUNGEにて初のワンマンライブ「あぱ」を開催し、大盛況・超満員となる。




Nango is a poetic rock band living in Sapporo, Hokkaido, fomrmed in 2010.


In October 2016 they toured  with BiSH in the 25th anniversary project of Shimokitazawa SHELTER, crossing genre barriers such as left and right, トリプルファイヤー、There There Theres、快速東京、Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her、otori、SuiseiNoboAz. 


On November 2, 2016, the 1st mini album "Fairy Tale" was released.

On April 28, 2017, the first one-man live "Apa" was held at Sapporo SPIRITUAL LOUNGE, and it was a great success and overcrowded.

In December 2017 the band  participated in the compilation "HELLO !!! vol.10" released by Subenoana.

They  create alternative songs that are neither progressive nor hardcore, with vocals that resemble readings that are neither rap nor sutra chanting.

Very original, subtly cynical and unusually technical.

On weekends, all the members ride on the backs of brown bears looking for acorns.



Yokohama/Tokyo-based instrumental beat-maker TAKUMI M. Combining a thick, authentic beat with lyrical melodies and sampling, the album is designed to make everyone a hero in its soundscapes.

It's not just about rap, it's about the possibilities of beats in a condensed form.


Hiphop beatmaker from Tokyo/ Yokohama Japan.



日々の日常を日記を書くが如く曲にしています。 bass/beatmake/rap


I make songs about my daily life as if I were writing a diary.

bass / beatmake / rap

Uncle John

平成末期、京都で結成されたアンクルジョンは 3ピースでビンテージなサウンドが好きです。






ジャンル:Rock&Roll / Pop
活動地域 / 出身:Kyoto Japan


Uncle John, a 3 piece band formed in Kyotot the end of Heisei obviously likes vintage sounds.


All the members have changed, but they are good people.

They cherish both the original and the cover.

The original is japanese the cover is in english.


Genre : Rock´N´Roll / Pop

Area of activity / Origin : Kyotot, japan

Sister Ley

2018年3月、日本の東京で結成されたトリオなのにトリオ感のないバンドSister Ley。




Sister ley started in 2018 as a Trio although they don´t feel like a trio.

They describe their music like this :

A great aesthetic and elaborately constructed trio sound with a rining mellotron!





Yuka Konishi is a singer-songwriter, arranger and designer from Sapporo.


Since she was a student at the Musashino Art University, she has been in charge of music, for animation, puppet shows and other video works.


She handles everything herself, from her CD Cover design to recording, arrangement, mixing and mastering.


Her speciality is pop music

Masahiro NARITA

Masahiro NARITA is an underground and avantgarde arrangeur from Japan. His main theme is " Oriental Retrospective Techno".


His debut album with the title "49 ",has been released in 2018 on the "LOVE Independent" label and ranked position 59 in the Amazon Techno-Charts.

His albums "50" , "EERIE" "ambidextrous"and "Last Dance" have been release on labels from America, Russia, Germany and Japan.


Some digital only music has been released from a portuguese & Brazil label.

On Apple Music's techno song top chart Ranked 4th (Republic of Ghana, 2021 "Deathtrap Zone").


He isn´t only a talanted musician, but also plays bass and is a professional photographer,