The artist that creates only one minute songs


Sleepless Sheep





Mainly creates music and paintings. The important thing is to be experimental and have a world view. I would be happy if you could listen to a sample of my work.









Born in Tottori.



Started expressive activities in 2007 in the underground area of Osaka.

In the past, she has performed as Muko Danjimi in the Strawberry Song Orchestra and as a performer in bands.

In the past, she worked as a performer and performer in a band.


Later, after working with the theatre company Himawari, she moved to Tokyo.

Organised metal sessions, vocalist in symphonic metal bands and

After working as a vocalist in a band called DASICSEX, which is a fusion of dance and band.

Currently, she is the vocalist and songwriter for the original heavy rock band RoarRedark.

She is also active as a solo body expressionist under the name Roreda.



フランソワーモ Francoismo

We are Francoismo. Electro Post Folk band. フォークとエレクトロを実験とポップで解体しノイズをまぶして融合ーー! エレクトロ・ポスト・フォークを奏でる男女二人組


We are Francoismo. Electro Post Folk band... deconstructing folk and electro with experimentation and pop, and fusing them together with a dash of noise! Electro Post Folk band.





AINAKANNA is a 2-piece (piano&drums) Female Rock Group playing a unique style of pop rock with aJapanese touch, adding aspects of J-Pop mixed with western rock.

Aina Ougi is a Singer/songwriter who sings intensely while playing piano. She made a major debut with Victorin 2005, one of the biggest labels in Japan that has developed numerous careers.

She also sings the theme
song of the popular Japanese horror movie, “Rinne” (English title: “Reincarnation”)This movie was shown worldwide.

She was also a member of the band “Foo-Shah-Zoo” with Kinniku Shōjo Tai.

Kanna is a rock’n roll drummer who has had sessions with many famous Japanese musicians.
They are a 2 piece band which is a “minimum,” but their sound is the “MAXIMUM”.
In August 2019, they released their first album “Shinonome Prelude,” and dared to tour all over Japan whilealso planning a tour abroad and crowdfunding for it, which they successfully achieved.

AINAKANNA werescheduled to do a European tour in 2020, but it was postponed due to the COVID-19.

A second album, which was scheduled to be produced after the tour, was released in September, 2020 andtitled “TRANSIT HAKKEI.”

Also in September, they performed online for the international music showcase event, “Kansai Music Conference,” to build up their name internationally.

Kill The Gossip

drum & bass duo. Japanese alternative rock band