House of tapes

“House Of Tapes” is Yuuya Kuno's electronic music project. He manipulates electronic sounds from lyrical electronica to thrilling beat music. His two CD albums are on sale on Amazon etc. He has also released works from British and German music labels. His music is his best form of love.




Who is Emon-Madara?



A 3-piece rock band that is mainly active in Osaka, Japan, playing songs that will give you the impression of US rock with japanese-styled melodies, combined with great lyrics.



The Lalabies

The Lalabies are :

Jumpei (Fluffytails JP)

Greg (Umbrage US)

mayumi(GrayNightly JP)


"The Return of Japan ROCK" !

Band from Osaka, started playing in school. 2016

Sound : Japanese rock from the 2000s into today, very engaged, very different from the tyoical ahs and ohs

Truth Herai


Formed in 2018

4-pice rock band that mixes impulsive roaring sounds and effective guitar in songs with a simple construction.


GORO TATSUTA  is a singer/ song writer from Japan, Tokyo.



A three-pice ( relatively health-oriented) that creates a unique world view by combining heavy grunge sounds, gloomy vovals, and dramatic song developement


kim : Vocal, Baritone guitar, Trumpet
midi : Drums, Chorus



UHNELLYS are a two-piece indie band from Tokyo, Japan. Kim (lead vocal, bass, guitar and trumpet) and Midi (drums and backing vocals) create an original structure and sound in which the boundaries of rock, hip-hop, and jazz are blurred to create something new. UHNELLYS are a rising star in Tokyo and beyond due to Kim's incredible singing skills and rapping and Midi's musical skill, energy and sexiness on drums. Often referred to as a hip-hop, jazz, rock version of the White Stripes, UHNELLYS really prove that the voice is also a musical instrument and they use this talent to structure beats and sounds in their songs. Philosophical. Aggressive. Unforgettable!

Illustrations by Ash Loydon