SALED doesn´t exist anymore.


It was a school/student´s project and thy split a few years ago.


The drummer Momo is now playing with


The Guitarist is now a member of BrayMe.


It seems they have lost contact from each other.


Google translate tells me they´re a "Power-Song-Rockband". And it´s true!


Vo / Gt Bengal Bird , Gt / Cho Imamichi , Ba Saisoni Temple Shin , Dr Masuda Poki man


Vo/Gt. Nishioka   (Draws some beautiful stuff) , Dr . Ryutaro Inagaki , Gt. Ryo Takiguchi

ベーシスト募集中 !

They´re hiring a bass Player.

Bass is your thing? You´re living in Japan? Why not sending them a message?


Laugh now-

cry later!

The "Minister" plays in several bands:


Unko9393 ,

トゥーマッチトーキョーズ ( Too much Tokyos) and mybe many more :-)

His musical motto is:

 "do not pursue, do not pretend, do not push yourself"

"R & B" is translated as "romance and blues."

Lover of hats


is a punk band from Chiba

Vo. yossy , Gt. mame , Ba. hots , Dr. kenji


 泡子paoz doesn´t exist anymore. It was a high-school project and they just recorded 3 songs. This is how talent went to waste. Sad but true


Little is known about them: formed in the Kansai region.


"Even if it passes, the puberty will not end.

A rock band for clumsy adults"


Multi-intrumentalist. Guitar , Snyth, Drums, Vocal  !