Yagoroumaru: Bass.cho

325(Mitsuko): Gt.cho.

jasmine: Dr.Cho




Red Bacteria Vacuum のメンバー、IKUM! 、325、 JASMINEの三人でベースレス3ピースガールズバンド、「jungles!!!」 を結成。活動開始から3ヶ月、Yagoromaru(ギトギトハスラ→ドラムFUSA)をベーシストに迎え、4ピースガールズバンドjungles!!!再スタート




3月 Japan Nite US tour 2014 に参加(Hoston,Austin(SXSW),NY,Columbus,Chicago,Athens,Las Vegas,San Diego,SF)


1st Album"Nice to eat you!!!“.リリース


11月 日本からWho the bitch、Jinny Oops!と共に台湾ツアー


2015 10月


韓国ホンデで行われている音楽フェスティバル、ZANDARI FESTA に参加

A new project of the three members of Red Bacteria Vacuum.

Since the bassist Kassan has just had a baby boy.

They just formed this band at the end of August and have already played some gigs in Tokyo.

They are already a band in the news and have received many gig offers.

Red Bacterial Vacuum was formed in 1998 in Osaka.

They released their second album Roller Coster on BENTEN USA in 2005 and went on the label’s West Coast tour with TsuShiMaMire.

In November 2007, they toured the U.S. again and participated in Japan Girls Nite at the Bowery Ballroom in New York.

In August, they were invited to the grand opening party of the Viz Pictures J-Pop Center “NewPeople” in the Japanese city of SF.

RBV founded their own label "GUZGUZ records" in October 2009 and released their third album “Dolly Dolly, make a epoch”.

They performed at SXSW 2010 and Japan Nite US tour.

In January 2011, they were invited to The Big Day Out Music Festival in Australia and New Zealand.

The lineup included Iggy and the Stooges, Tool, M.I.A., Primal Scream, etc.

Then they opened the summer tour of A Perfect Circle (Maynard Keenan’s band from Tool) across North America and Canada in 2011. A new guitarist, 325, joined the band in January 2013 and released the fourth album "Hey!Peeps”.

They got a new bass player, Yagoroumaru, and went on Japan Nite US tour in 2014 (Hoston, Austin (SXSW), NY, Columbus, Chicago, Athens, Las Vegas, San Diego, SF)and released their first album "Nice to eat you!!!“. and go on Taiwan tour in November. In Oct. 2015, they performed at ZANDARI FESTA in Korea.














2021年3月 1st.アルバム「クレオールの窓」発売






2022年8月13日 新宿Marble10月、正規メンバーとしてDr.あじとが加入





Vo.Yoruta and D-san joined a predecessor band that recruited in the male recruitment community and was active mainly in the Kanto region.

Five years of touring, recording, projects, and other activities centred on live performances established their unique musical style. After the band disbanded, Amano Muryotou was formed as an entity to distribute sound sources through DTM.

As of 2019, the band is focusing on releasing sound sources on Twitter and selling CDs.

First sound source collection 'Utara Utarike Utarikehe'

To be released. *A wide range of activities, including visual design by abolitionist puppet animation artist Jirou Yoshida, merging artwork and attracting attention.

March 2021 1st album 'Creole Window' Released.

From June 2022, Ba. Shu joins as support.

Starts new activities as a band.

13. August 2022 Shinjuku Marble October, Dr. Ajito joins as a permanent member.


Atmos*Noteというビジュアル系バンドでギターを弾いていた、佐々埜 樹という元ウサギです。妖艶でエアリーな歌を歌う。


2023/07/29、1st album "distrait temper's palliatives" 公開。


2nd album "the allure like as lover's singing" 10月公開予定。


3rd album "grey cats avoid less accurate pureness" 制作中。


2nd albumの先行トラック、「嘘を吐く人」「一度きり君を救う許可を得た」をsoundcloudにて公開中


I am a former rabbit named Tatsuki Sasano, who used to play guitar in a visual ki band called Atmos*Note.

I singenchanting and airy songs. the first album "distrait temper's palliatives" was released on 29/07/2023.


2. Album "the allure like as lover's singing", will be released in october.


3. Album "grey cats avoid less accurate pureness" In production.


Pre-release tracks of 2nd album, "lie-spitting people" and "I got permission to save you once and for all" available on soundcloud.


Tokyo’s Innovative diva -Khan-   



I like subtle vocal and emotional sounds.

chill R&B soul dance pop ambient rock traditional genre

世界が何であるのかを探究するartist、poet でもある。





2022 11月ソロ作品をTotと創作

2023 国内外のsound maker とのコラボを開始し、& I’ve breakaway fromModeAutomatic in spring


Tot is  main collaborator of mine

He is a Japanese beat maker,Drummer

I’Ve uploaded 10songs on the SoundCloud as of  September 2023


This album is that surpasses genres with a rich sound that stimulates the imagination.


1st EP"Night" was released on music -streaming services 19June 2023.




1st single “Jasmine Night”was released on music-streaming services 17August 2023


Tokyo’s innovative diva -Khan- singer-songwriter

I like subtle vocal and emotional sounds.

chill R&B soul dance pop ambient rock traditional genre

世界が何であるのかを探究するartist、poet でもある。





2022 11月ソロ作品をTotと創作

2023 国内外のSoundmaker とのコラボを開始し、& I got rid of theAutomatic mode in spring



TOT ismy main collaborator

He is a Japanese beatmaker, drummer

I have uploaded 10 songs to SoundCloud (as of September 2023)


This album surpasses all genres with a rich sound that captures the imagination.



1. EP"Night" was released on music streaming services on 19June 2023.



the first single “Jasmine Night” was released on music streaming services on August 17, 2023


SPOILMAN (2019.7〜)
カシマ(ナガイ(ba.)タナベ(dr.) 日本のロックバンド。






特殊なエフェクトの使用や過剰な飾り付けをしない音へのこだわりからThe Jesus LizardやPixiesといった先人へのリスペクトを感じ取ることができるが、ただ単に時代と逆行して聴き古された音楽の焼き増しというわけではないということは彼らの音からも伝わると思う。



Kashima (vo. gt.) Nagai (ba.) Tanabe (dr.) Japanese rock band.

Kashima's plodding, crazy vocals and strange guitar phrases combine with a tight rhythm section to create a unique atmosphere.

The group has a fine sense of balance, sublimating the seemingly gag-like lyrics and song ideas into hard-edged alternative rock.


 By employing special effects and maintaining a sound without too much adornment, they reveal their respect for their forerunners, like The Jesus Lizard and Pixies; nonetheless, their sound makes it clear that they are not merely heading in reverse and redoing the same old music.


The sound of the group is not just a replay of the same old music that we've already heard.

speel plaats



2019年1st mini album「夢現」のRelease tourをやり遂げ、2020年9月29日に初のワンマンライブ「夢物語」を開催!
2021年2ndEP「ha zu ru」Release”夢の中に連れ出す”tour、
2022年2nd mini album「mirror」Release”君の面影を探す"tourを開催。
FM802 MINAMI WHEEL 2021、2022出演。
2023年3rdEP「Utopia」Release tourを7/22~ツアーファイナル11/24(金)心斎橋BRONZEま


 A quartet of rock musicians from Kyoto, who started performing live in both Osaka and Kyoto in July 2018.

Their sound is a powerful blend of vocal and guitar rock, with a lyrical focus on the sorrows of life. After a successful tour in support of their first mini album, 'Yumegen', in 2019, the band held their debut solo show 'Yume Monogatari' on 29 September 2020!


The release of the 2nd EP 'ha zu ru' in 2021 was accompanied by the 'Take me out into the dream' tour.

The following year, 2022 saw the release of their mini album "mirror" with the tour "Searching for your shadow".

They played at FM802 MINAMI WHEEL in 2021 and 2022 as well. In 2023, their 3rd EP "Utopia" was released, with the tour running from 22 July to the tour final at Shinsaibashi BRONZE on 24 November 






3枚のシングル、アルバムを発表。 2009年に制作したサイケデリックアルバム「赤と黒」を経て、2010年5月22日には、はやぶさジョーンズ活動10周年記念アルバム「Tiger born」を発表後、休止。



Hayabusa Jones is a Japanese music group formed in October 2000 by Hiroaki Sano (vocals and guitar), Isuke Kubota (bass) and Atsushi Miki (drums). They made their indie debut in 2001 with the mini-album "Kiiroi Yume" and released three albums before making their major label debut in 2003 with the single "Typhoon". 3 singles and one album were released.


After the psychedelic album "Red and Black" produced in 2009, the group went on hiatus on May 22, 2010, after releasing "Tiger born," an album commemorating the 10th anniversary of Hayabusa Jones' activities.
In 2019, they are back after a long break. They are currently working on a new album.


Heavy Metal/Hard Rock band from Osaka, Japan



 Osaka's high-energy, melodic punk band